Worldwide coronary stents market

The global market for drug-eluting, bare and bioresorbable stents for the treatment of coronary artery disease is in a "growth and proliferation" phase, as the market for these devices is growing steadily through application to growing patient caseload, and as the number of companies with approved products or products in development multiplies.

The bulk of interest in this market continues to reside in drug-eluting stents for their ability to prevent the high rates of restenosis seen with initially marketed stent designs.  And with the "late stage thrombosis" concern of these stents an apparently temporary blip in the technologies’ prospects, the market is on a very strong growth track.

Over 75 companies are active in this field, encompassing not only drug-eluting stents but also bare metal stents and bioresorbable stents.  While bare metal stents have been eclipsed by drug-eluting stents, the use of different metals, shapes and other innovations are being pursued to minimize the tendency of bare stents to induce an inflammatory or other response leading to restenosis.  Similarly, bioresobable stents represent another alternative to drug-coating in minimizing restenosis, or offer other benefits, by degrading over time to leave, ideally, a recanalized lumen that free of not only restenosis but stent as well.

c245-cvrThe worldwide coronary stent market is the subject of the May 2009 report by MedMarket Diligence, described below:

This report details the worldwide market for the use of coronary stents in the treatment of coronary artery disease. The report assesses the treatment of coronary artery disease by alternative treatment methodologies (percutaneous intervention with or without stenting, coronary artery bypass grafting alternatives and other medical/surgical treatment options), with estimated current/forecast caseload across treatment types. The report details currently approved coronary stents, providing data on current and forecast impact on the market. The report also details the current state of product development in bare stents, drug-coated or drug-eluting stents and bioabsorbable stents in coronary applications and details the products under development, the anticipated timeline and impact of their market introduction. The report assesses the current and ten-year forecast global market for coronary stents, with segmentation by U.S., Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World. The report provides competitor market shares by these geographic regions. The leading and key emerging coronary stent manufacturers are profiled with current product offerings, development status and market strengths/advantages.

The report is described in detail, with table of contents and list of exhibits here.


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  2. As a patient, you should only ask your doctor about specific manufacturers and their products, since different types and locations of occlusions, patient health status and other factors will determine the appropriate procedure and device. Also, don't assume that if you need angioplasty, you also need a stent.

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