Coronary artery disease, global stent market 2008-2017

Coronary artery disease is addressed by a range of alternative treatment methodologies; percutaneous intervention with or without stenting, coronary artery bypass grafting alternatives and other options, but the use of a wide variety of drug-eluting, drug-coated, bare and bioresorbable stents, constructed of many different material types and designs, represent the fastest growing treatment option and associated medical device market.

The coronary stents market is extremely dynamic by virtue of the relative nascency of the market, particularly for drug-eluting stents (DES; first introduced in 2003). Rapidly growing to a greater than $5 billion market initially dominated by leader Johnson & Johnson’s CYPHER, then Boston Scientific’s TAXUS, drug-eluting stents arguably represent a successful challenge to coronary artery bypass grafting in the treatment of coronary artery disease.

The successes of J&J and Boston Scientific have spurred a stream of newcomers with DES products and other stent types to the market. A range of new stents, with different constructions, material types (including bioabsorbable), coating types and other variations are now at various stages of introduction to the market. 

MedMarket Diligence, drawing on its coverage of coronary stents through the previously published MedMarkets publication and leveraging its expertise in assessing advanced medical technologies markets, is publishing its 2009 report, "Worldwide Market for Drug-Eluting, Bare, Bioresorbable and Other Coronary Stents, 2008-2017. 

MedMarket Diligence’s report #C245, "Worldwide Market for Drug-Eluting, Bare and Other Coronary Stents, 2008-2017," details the worldwide market for the use of coronary stents in the treatment of coronary artery disease. The report assesses the treatment of coronary artery disease by alternative treatment methodologies (percutaneous intervention with or without stenting, coronary artery bypass grafting alternatives and other medical/surgical treatment options), with estimated current/forecast caseload across treatment types. The report details currently approved coronary stents, providing data on current and forecast impact on the market. The report also details the current state of product development in bare stents, drug-coated or drug-eluting stents and bioabsorbable stents in coronary applications and details the products under development, the anticipated timeline and impact of their market introduction. The report assesses the current and ten-year forecast global market for coronary stents, with segmentation by U.S., Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World. The report provides competitor market shares by these geographic regions. The leading and key emerging coronary stent manufacturers are profiled with current product offerings, development status and market strengths/advantages.

The report is being released in April 2009 and is detailed at  The report may be advance ordered (with discount) online at or may be ordered via order form,

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