Energy-based therapeutics markets by clinical application

Energy-based therapeutics include technologies to effect the destruction or treatment of tissues to remove pathology or otherwise modify tissue (e.g., for creating lesions that block the aberrant signals in arrhythmia).  These technologies include radiofrequency, microwave, laser/light, microwave, cryo, hydromechanical, ultrasound and thermal.

Some sectors of the energy-based market are growing steadily, others more rapidly. RF ablation is seeing lively growth, as are cryotherapy and microwave therapy. Overall, the market is estimated to be increasing at more than 11% per annum, which is significantly higher than growth of the medical device market overall. The buoyancy in the energy-based sector is due partly to increased uptake of these technologies and partly due to introduction of technology refinements, which in turn lead to increased usage. There is also the demographic factor; many of the conditions for which ablation products are used are commoner among older than younger patients, and lengthening life expectancy makes its own contribution to market growth.

Certain clinical sectors demonstrate a more significant share of the ablation market due to the prevalence of diseases and disorders that are amenable to these treatments.  See the current segmentation of the ablation market by clinical application.


Source:  MedMarket Diligence report #A125, "Worldwide Ablation Technologies Market."

Cardiovascular applications represent the most significant application, due to the existing caseload and the adoption of ablation technologies, especially in arrhythmia management.  Secondarily, but perhaps with an even greater upside potential, is cancer therapeutics.  

Below see the current distribution of ablation therapy markets across different solid tumor types.


Source:  MedMarket Diligence report #A125, "Worldwide Ablation Technologies Market."


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