Non-fusion spine surgery worldwide market growth

One of the most exciting areas in spinal surgery today is the non-fusion area. Surgeons and engineers are creating devices that can be implanted to treatment various spine conditions without fusion, thus allowing the patient to retain at least some movement and flexibility that would otherwise be lost by fusing vertebrae together. Although fusion is still the gold standard for, for example, treatment of DDD, more and more, non-fusion products, including dynamic stabilization devices (or motion preservation devices) and total disc replacement (TDR) are becoming the treatment of choice, especially for the younger, more active patient.


Source: MedMarket Diligence, Report #M510, "Spine Surgery Worldwide, 2008-2017."


Non-fusion spine surgery technologies include disc arthroplasty (artificial spinal discs) and nuclear arthroplasty and nuclear disc prostheses (nucleus removal and annular repair devices).

See Report #M510, "Spine Surgery Worldwide."

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