More medtech financings, January/February 2009 (>$370 million)

Just taking quick stock of the status of financing during the apparent "cash crunch" finds what some would see as the standard contrarian investment in medtech. Since early January 2009, a total of over $370 million has been invested in medical technology companies.
Below is a rough list of the companies that have received VC financing, and the associated amounts (if available).  While the financings run the gamut from seed to Series D, plus private placement, there appears to be a slightly heavier emphasis on Series B and later, suggesting that, while medtech is already a relatively safe(r) place to invest, the later stage investments are even less risky and therefore more prevalent than seed stage.
Forgive me if I did not identify the type of technology/product being developed by each, but as this was just an academic exercise (for the moment), the bigger lesson is in the number and amount of financings.
  • Mpex Pharmaceuticals Announces Series D Financing of Up to $40 Million
  • ALung Technologies raises $1M of potential $2.5mm financing
  • SynergEyes, Inc. Raises $13.3 Million in ‘Series C’ Financing
  • Arcxis Biotechnologies(R) Secures Series B Financing (undisclosed amount)
  • Diagnosoft(R) Secures $4 Million in Financing
  • DNA Therapeutics Closes 2.2 Million EUR Series A Financing Round
  • The Foundry Announces New Partners and Completion of Series A Financing for Eleventh Company
  • Medical device co SteadyMed raises $2M
  • Avantis Medical Systems, Inc. Raises $10 Million in Series C Funding
  • Hydra Biosciences Raises $22 Million in Series D Financing
  • Alter-G Secures $8 Million in Series B Financing from Versant Ventures
  • Singulex Closes $19 Million Financing Round
  • InSet Technologies Completes $25 Million Financing
  • Acclarent, Inc. Closes $26 Million Financing
  • Kythera Biopharmaceuticals [aesthetic dermatology] Secures Additional $10 Million, as part of $40 million Series C
  • Algeta ASA (Oslo, Norway) [cancer therapeutics] receives $35 million in private placement
  • Opsona Therapeuticss [biotech treatment/prevention of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases] receives $23 million Series B
  • Andromeda Biotech receives $10.5 million in funding from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for juvenile diabetes treatment
  • Ascension Orthopedics secured $21 million in a Series D financing in January
  • Sopherion Therapeutics, Inc. Secures $55 Million in Series C Funding
  • NanoBio Corporation Raises $12 Million in Series B Financing
  • GI Dynamics Closes an Additional $15 Million in Series C Financing
  • SEMPRUS BioSciences Closes $8M Series A Financing
  • Primaeva Medical Nets $6M Series C Venture Financing (Primaeva is developing medical device technologies to provide "the aesthetic physician superior new tools for restoring youth for their patients who want to reverse the signs of aging.")
  • Eiger Biopharma Raises $7.1 Million ‘A’ Round Funding (start-up biotechnology company developing antiviral therapies)

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