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The dynamics behind these products’ success includes the pragmatic benefits that ensure their ready adoption in the clinical setting:

  • Use of cyanoacrylate glues for closure has established a considerable following in all regions of the world. Conservative accident and emergency costs for closure of a small bleeding trauma laceration with sutures, local anaesthetic, antibiotic cream and suture removal kit are approximately $75 (before labor and time are included). Cyanoacrylate products can be used without anaesthetic, without sutures, and since cyanoacrylate sloughs off the skin surface, without a removal kit. The FDA has approved cyanoacrylate products as having an anti-microbial outcome, which further reduces the cost of using them to approximately 30% of using sutures. Once labor and time are added this falls to 5%.
  • Effective hemostasis also demonstrates attractive cost attributes; hemostats can be used for rapid and effective control of bleeding during surgery, thus avoiding an element of the hourly cost of an operating room ($2,000 to $10,000 per hour). For example, a $115 hemostat needs to shave four minutes off the operating time to “pay its way.” Often, these materials can save from five minutes to two hours depending on procedure.
  • Sealants also have attractive health economic attributes. The most obvious cases come from specific procedures that have become the lead indications and focus for development programs in many companies. For example, air leaks during lung surgery lead to the need for extended hospitalization (up to 28 days) and more intensive care, as well as additional surgical procedures. Sealants are also commonly applied to avoid cerebrospinal fluid leakage during neurological and spine surgery; leakage of cerebrospinal fluid would otherwise result in infection (including meningitis), debilitating headaches and other problems. In addition, the surgeon uses significant direct time to achieve meticulously leak-proof closure of the dura. This can be avoided by expert and experienced application of appropriate sealant products.

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See Sealants, Glues… Report S175


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