Perspectives on 2008 headlines impacting medtech

I offer a set of perspectives from ITECS Insider  on the most significant headlines in the medical device industry in 2008 with potential impact in 2009.  I recommend you read them in full, but here are the highlights of opinion:

"Nothing will impact the medical device manufacturing industry in 2009 more than the subprime mortgage meltdown and resulting credit crunch."

"…technological advances that enabled medical devices to become smaller, more precise, less invasive, and more portable…"

"Supreme court Riegel v Medtronic decision on product liabilty"

"The most significant industry influencer in 2008 was the economy."

"FDA’s recent announcement to establish overseas satellite offices in Asia to monitor imported devices, drugs, and food into the U.S."

"…device manufacturers consolidating their IT footprints…"

"…further innovations, greater consolidation, and slimmer margins…"

"…regulations limiting the amount of compensation physicians can receive from commercial medical corporations…"


Interestingly, the tendency of most in looking at the credit crunch and the economy is that it will have a major impact on the medical device industry, but unless the economy and the credit markets deteriorate dramatically, I simply do not see better opportunities for investment than in the medtech industry.  Indeed, investment is and will be down from prior cycles, but the impact will not be significant in absolute terms, only on a relative basis compared to the broader investment market.

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