Proliferation of sealant/glue/hemostasis/anti-adhesion companies, developments

A truly striking amount of industry activity spanning company formation, industry consolidation, product developments and market introductions have taken place over the past two years in the markets for sealants, glues, hemostasis, wound closure and anti-adhesion.

With a relatively low barrier to entry for products with well established routes to FDA and CE Mark approval, application of products across a wide range of clinical applications, short learning curves and otherwise low resistance on the part of clinicians in adopting new products in practice, the markets for these products have been dynamic.

The report by MedMarket Diligence, pending publication in December 2008, illustrates the breadth and depth of this robust market, with nearly 100 companies profiled and active in this market.  

Globally, this is a $11+ billion market, with persistently double digit growth rate in some sectors.  The report is described below:

This report details the complete range of sealants & glues technologies used in traumatic, surgical and other wound closure, from tapes, sutures and staples to hemostats, fibrin sealants/glues and medical adhesives. The report details current clinical and technology developments in this huge and rapidly growing worldwide market, with data on products in development and on the market; market size and forecast; competitor market shares; competitor profiles; and market opportunity. 

This report is a market and technology assessment and forecast of products in wound closure. The report details the current and emerging products, technologies and markets involved in wound closure and sealing using sutures and staples, tapes, hemostats, fibrin and sealant products and medical adhesives. The report provides a worldwide current and annual forecast to 2013 of the markets for these technologies, with particular emphasis on the market impact of new technologies through the coming decade. The report provides specific forecasts and shares of the worldwide market by segment for the U.S., Europe (United Kingdom, German, France, Italy, BeNeLux), Latin America, Japan and Rest of World.

The report provides background data on the surgical, disease and traumatic wound patient populations targeted by current technologies and those under development, and the current clinical practices in the management of these patients, including the dynamics among the various clinical specialties or subspecialties vying for patient population and facilitating or limiting the growth of technologies.

The report establishes the current worldwide market size for major technology segments as a baseline for and projecting growth in the market over a ten-year forecast. The report also assesses and projects the composition of the market as technologies gain or lose relative market performance over this period.

See link for preliminary table of contents.

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