Obesity Device Market Growth Rates Vary Widely by Country

The global market for bariatric surgery devices grew at an average of about 34% for 2004-2007, and is expected to continue to grow at a strong rate. Revenues are forecast to reach about $1.5 billion by 2015, with a compound annual growth rate of just over 28%. The unit growth rate is expected to be 25.5% for 2004-2015.

During the first five years or so of the forecast period, this market will consist primarily of stomach banding devices, dominated by Allergan’s Lap-Band, and complemented by other brands of similar devices, as well as the intra-gastric balloon. Ethicon Endo-Surgery (Johnson & Johnson) is expected to launch its own version of a stomach banding system by late 2008. The company expects to expand the market for stomach banding, rather than taking market share from Allergan.

On a country-by-country basis, the expected compound annual growth rate in sales of bariatric surgical devices through 2015 varies considerably, from a high in the United Kingdom, excess of 45% to a low in France, under 5%.

Source:  Report #S825.  "Worldwide Market for the Clinical Management of Obesity, 2007-2015."

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  1. Wow, with the demand going up for weight loss surgery devices maybe it is a sign of how our diets are getting so poor. Between the processed sugars and white flour, our bodies are only doing what they were designed to do – store food in case of starvation. Too bad our bodies make us feel good when we do bad things for it.

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