Tissue ablation: microwave, thermal, hydro and cryo on the rise

Ablation Worldwide Market, 2007 to 2017Technologies for ablation and other energy-based treatments in medical/surgical markets are currently dominated by electrosurgical-type therapies, but a growing array of other modalities are creating new applications or penetrating existing ones.  These modalities include hydromechanical, microwave, thermal, cryotherapy, ultrasound, radiofrequency (RF), light, radiation (radiosurgery, radiotherapy) and electrical.

At right is shown the forecast, by modality type, of ablation and other energy-based therapies through 2017. The most significant growth is expected to come from microwave, thermal, hydromechanical and cryotherapy, each of which will demonstrate compound growth rates in excess of 15% annually.

Excerpt from report #A125, “Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market,” (published September 2008).  See link.  Report #A125, “Ablation Technologies Worldwide”, may be purchased online.



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