European Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals Market, by Segment, 2004-2012

(Excerpt from Report #G125, Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities in Ophthalmology Surgical, Device and Drug Markets Worldwide, 2007.)

Although there is a broad spectrum of medical technology innovations taking place in the ophthalmology sector, pharmaceuticals will continue to be a critical component of both elective and emergency ocular interventions. As a result, the dominant players in the pharmaceutical sector will realize strong growth, particularly in the areas of Dry Eye management (as a result of complications following refractive surgery), Glaucoma medications and treatments for wet AMD.

In addition, the generic drug sector will experience strong growth, particularly as expensive therapies for AMD reach the market and usurp scarce financial resources of markets with socialized healthcare systems.

Below is a forecast of the European ophthalmic pharmaceuticals market by segment.

The market in Europe for ophthalmic pharmaceuticals is dominated by Alcon, with Pfizer showing a distant second. 

The report #G125 on the worldwide ophthalmic products market is available for purchase and immediate download at link.


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