Spine fusion companies, by technology

Surgeons performing instrumented spinal fusion procedures implant various configurations of plates, rods, screws, cages, and other medical hardware to stabilize the spine and facilitate proper vertebral bone fusion. These fixation systems can be implanted via anterior (from the front) or posterior (from the back) approaches, depending on the clinical indication. Most fusion systems are made of carbon fiber, titanium, titanium alloy, or PEEK (polyetheretherketone), are “low-profile” in that they are efficiently trim, and are designed to resist screw pull-out or other kinds of component detachment, slippage or accordion-like collapse into other vertebrae. The fusion systems are also designed for ease of implantation and adjustment, and often allow the surgeon to customize the assembly and screw tensions during surgery. These systems are generally classified as standard or traditional instrumentation, interbody fusion devices (IBFDs) or structural allograft implants.

Fusion Device Companies

Source:  MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #M510, “Spine Surgery Worldwide, 2008-2017: Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities.”  Published March 2008.  See link for details.  Available for purchase Online.

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