Cardiovascular Drug-Eluting Stent Developers, Products, Status

Developers of Cardiovascular Drug-Eluting Stents

CompanyStent DrugStatus
Abbott Vascular DevicesZoMaxxZotarolimusIn clinicals; ZOMAXX II trial approved 6/05
Avantec Vascular (Goodman)DuraflexPimecrolimus In development
Biosensors InternationalBioMatrixBiolimus A9In trials; Expects CE Mark in 2006
Boston ScientificTaxus Express2PaclitaxelCE Mark 1/03; FDA approval 3/04
Boston ScientificTaxus LibertéPaclitaxelCE Mark 9/05 (launched 1/05); FDA approval expected mid-2006
Conor MedsystemsCoStarPaclitaxelCE Marked 2/06
Conor Medsystems(Next-generation CoStar) PimecrolimusPimecrolimus licensed from Novartis in 3/06; Testing two devices: one loaded with pimecrolimus and another with both pimecrolimus and paclitaxel
Cordis (J&J)CypherSirolimusCE Mark; FDA approved, U.S. launch 4/03
CordisCypher SelectSirolimusCE Mark in 2003
CordisCypher NeoSirolimus In development
CorNova(Undisclosed)(Undisclosed)In development
DevaxAxxess Plus (bifurcated)Biolimus A9In clinicals (positive first-in-man data reported 11/05)
DISA VascularStelliumPaclitaxelIn development
Estracure/Medivas/Picarus(Undisclosed)17-(beta)-EstradiolIn development
GuidantXience VEverolimusCE Mark 1/06; European launch pending
MedtronicEndeavorZotarolimusCE Mark 7/05; U.S. launch planned in 2007. RESOLUTE trial began 12/05
Occam International (subsidiary of Biosensors International)AxxionPaclitaxelCE Mark 7/05
Relisys Medical Devices(Undisclosed)PaclitaxelIn clinicals
Sahajanand Medical Technologies (SMT)InfinniumPaclitaxelCE Mark 12/05
Sorin Biomedica CardioJanus FlexTacrolimusCE Mark; launched in Europe 2/06
TerumoNoboriBiolimus A9Clinical trial launched 6/05
X-Cell MedicalEthos17-(beta)-EstradiolIn clinicals
XtentXtentBiolimus A9In clinicals; European launch planned in 2007, U.S. in 2009

Note: CV Therapeutics and MIV Therapeutics (among others) are developing coatings for coronary drug stents.Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLCRelated Tags: , ,

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